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  Art and Culture on Crete 2015


Courses for beginners and advanced level
The village of Lagolio lies on the southern slopes of the Psiloritis (the highest mountain in Crete)approximately 7km from the popular sandy beaches of southern Crete. Many historic sites are within easy travelling distance, for instance Gortys and Phaistos, and are well worth a visit. The course takes place on the edge of Lagolio on a larger terrace and among the picturesque ruins of a traditional Cretan stone house. The panoramic views of the mountains, the Messara plateau and the sea provide inspiration as does the mild climate and the fragrance of Mediterranean herbs.

Acrylic and Oil Painting(Gerald Dufey)
The unique light of southern Crete allows us to experience the plants, people and animals, and the landscape and architecture of the surroundings, particularly intensively and opens further doors to the worlds of the abstract and figurative for us. After developing our concept on paper we will transfer it to canvass and continue working with acrylics, oil or watercolours. Various interesting excursions.
Courses (bookable for one to 4 weeks): August/ September: 24.08. – 19.09.2015

Sculpture in Marble (Sabine Rassow)
Working with marble is an encounter with yourself as you undertake a journey of the senses against the backdrop of the Cretan landscape. At the end of the process you will have produced a sculpture as unique and individual as yourself. We will be working primarily with Italian, Greek or Cretan marble and alabaster.
Courses (bookable for one to 4 weeks):
May/ June: 25.05. – 20.06.2015 June/ July: 29.06. – 25.07.2015
August/ September: 10.08. – 19.09.2015 October: 05. – 24.10.2015

Further Information and Registration:
Tel.: +49(0)711 6599706 mobil: +49(0)162 2600653

10% Rebate if you book before February 28st 2015